wesley1My name is Wesley David and I’m just an IT nublet trying to be less nubby. More seriously, I am an IT professional only happy when he’s challenged and learning. I work at a hosted database provider Compose, hopefully solving more problems than I cause. I like to make people happy about the technology they use for their business.

My job responsibilities are many and varied, but I tend to get labeled as a System Administrator, SysAdmin or System Engineer. Dare I add Devop and Network Admin to the mix? I think I shall dare. I work with Linux & Windows server operating systems and wired & wireless networks as well as dabbling in PHP and Ruby. I mostly use this blog to write about the solutions I’ve found to the problems I’ve encountered. I also toss in sporadic IT humor pieces and do some live blogging at tech events for fun.

If you want to talkdrop me a line from my blog or email me directly at [email protected] That’s right, I posted my email address without obfuscation. That’s how I roll.

I occasionally write for the following places:

Guest Posts

Guest blog posts are welcomed, however not for vendor or professional article writers looking to get SEO, backlinks, link juice, or to pump up their portfolio. If you’re a legit geek who doesn’t have an agenda other than sharing your brain wealth (yes, you can certainly link to your own personal blog), go ahead and contact me using the form below.


I do post banner advertisements on thenubbyadmin.com to make a few extra dollars each month. I disclose which vendors have paid me directly for click ads on the site. I do not allow any other form of advertisement, especially paid writing. I have accepted free books and materials to review, however I never let that cloud my judgement and I will still be as ruthless and brutal in my assessments as I would be otherwise. Future vendors interested in me writing a review beware!

If you’re interested in advertising your product on my site, the product can’t suck, has to be something I’d personally recommend, and can’t come with expectations that I’d alter my views and expressions anywhere on my site.

Companies I have accepted free material from:

  • Packt Publishing (OpenNMS Quick Look for review)
  • Train Signal (Exchange 2007 training DVD for review)

Companies I have accept payment from to place click ads:

  • Thycotic for their Secret Server product
  • General Google AdWords placement which I have little to no control over on a company-by-company basis.

Contact Me!

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