Blocking Domains on Rackspace Hosted Email Works Except When it Doesn’t

This is more of a note to myself than anything, but I bumped against an annoying limitation for my Rackspace hosted email accounts. The backstory is that I have a single business domain that has both Hosted Exchange and Hosted Rackspace Email accounts. For those not aware, Rackspace does hosted Microsoft Exchange as well as their own blend of IMAP / SMTP with a nice web front end and mobile push. I use both. Exchange for mailboxes on my domain that need all the fancy Exchange-y things (with the associated higher price tag) and the Rackspace email for accounts that don’t need a ton of fanciness (and thus can save me a tiny bit of monthly expenditure by comparison).

I recently had reason to block an entire domain from sending email to my domain. It’s not a matter of spam (thus I can’t truthfully report any wrongdoing), but rather a matter of vexation. It’s complicated (or maybe it’s really simple). However, even after blocking this domain within my Rackspace control panel, I still received email from that domain! What’s the deal, yo?!

Turns out that the other domain is also hosted at Rackspace. Furthermore, apparently the domain-wide and address-specific blocking rules that Rackspace offers does not apply if both domains are hosted within Rackspace. Seems a little flaky to me, but it is what it is. Now instead of sending back cold NDRs from the email server to the sender, I have to make a rule in my email clients to delete the messages upon delivery with no bounceback to the sending domain. As a result, there’s still a question of “did the email get read?!” in the mind of the other domain.

Just one of those things, I guess. Nevertheless, if Rackspace’s goal is to be the biggest provider of hosted Exchange and also provide their own slick email handling service, you’d think that they’d want features like this to work intra-hosting-environment as more and more accounts sign up and increase the probability that domain blocking will collide like this.

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