Looking for a Job or Gig? Check out the Talentopoly Job Board!

If you don’t know about Talentopoly, well, you should! It’s a growing community of sharp technical workers from all walks of IT life. There’s a vibrant culture of sharing great articles that I for one would never come across on my own. I’ve discovered quite a few blogs, websites, and resources that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. There is also a place to ask questions and start discussions.

A relatively new feature of the site is their job board. Think of it like Craigslist with a vetting process that weeds out the jokers. On the job board you can find both full-time jobs as well as smaller “gigs” that can allow someone who already has a job to pick up some side work. In their own words:

We want a place where developers & designers can find full-time jobs and paid gigs on the same site.

So we’re doing what any good hacker would do, we’re building it.

We’re personally vetting each job and gig listed and are committed to keeping the quality high and the noise low.

Yes, Talentopoloy and their job board does tend to favor developers over administrators, but I believe that’s slowly changing as more administrators participate. It’s a new service so there’s not a ton of job postings there yet, but I thought you might like to get in on the ground floor. I’ve even considered turning to it when I needed some quick work done on a project. You can get emails from their low traffic newsletter that lets you know of any new jobs that have been posted.

If your employer is looking to post a job description, have them check out the Talentopoly job board where thousands of highly qualified developers and administrators congregate. They might fill their position without having to go through a long recruitment process with outside agencies.

Check out the Talentopoly job board, and let me know if you need an invite to the site. It’s still invite-only to keep the quality high. I’ve got 5 invites as of this posting and it’s first-come, first-serve. If you’re interested, email me and I’ll send an invite to the address you email me from.

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