Red Hat Study Buddy Group 2012 – Beginning of Week 4

This is the beginning of the final week of the first month of the RedHat study buddy group! How have things gone for you? I hope you’ve stayed on track with your studies, because I sure haven’t!

The last time I posted about this Study Buddy Group, my goals were:

  • Set up a more permanent virtualization environment on some hardware that I’ve reclaimed. I want to set up a bare metal instance of CentOS to use as a KVM host. (I did this! I own a 16GB workstation that has an i7 processor and I was able to get it repurposed with CentOS 6 and started messing with the virtual machine manager.)
  • Get through Chapter 2 of the RHCSA /RHCE book. (I got about half way through. I’ve found it dry and hard to work through. I don’t use kickstarter much and this chapter is rough.)
  • Park on specific topics as desired. I’ll probably do a good night or two camping out with iptables. (I hunted around a little bit, but didn’t camp on any one topic.)

Help Meh!

Straight up, I’m floundering. Between some work projects that are sucking the life out of, the last thing I want to do is spend time gagging on a dry chapter that’s 100 pages long complete with tedious practices. I’m sure I can learn plenty from it and wedge kickstarter based deployments into my current workflows, but I’m just not seeing it’s specific practicality to what I do now.

Share How You’re Doing!

So tell the group how you’re getting on with your studies! How far have you gotten and are you on track for a Red Hat certification before the year ends? I’m questioning my hope for a December 7th exam date now that I’m 5 weeks away from the date. I’m going to try and double down with the study effort this week at night.

Have you found any good study resources for the Red Hat subject matter? Do you need anything to help in your studies? Some VMs? Want to do a Google+ hangout? Tell me all about it in the comments below!

The Week Ahead

I’m going to keep my goals simple and have just two:

  1. Finish chapter two and thoroughly cover the labs
  2. Camp on iptables

I’ve usually just thrashed my way through iptables work but still get syntax snarled up and have to search for the exact rule that I need. I need to park on that topic and get the basics down.

Here’s to trying to order my week to prioritize RedHat study during my late evenings. Feel free to comment at me and nag me to get studying. =)


  1. Mathew

    October 29, 2012 at 11:41 am

    I’ve been slacking as well. However, I did get that practice exam book you pointed out in an earlier post.

    With that in hand I decided to forego studying by reading and study by running through a practice exam. Definitely exposes some holes that need filling. I’d recommend it.


  2. Simon

    October 31, 2012 at 5:23 am

    My progress also hasn’t been great.

    I installed Centos 6 64bit to the drive housing my windows 7 install. Then when rebooting it had overwritten the Ubuntu GRUB on the other HDD.

    I finally got that fixed. I have a roughly 100GB install for my Centos activities. I use a usb wifi to connect to the internet. Ubuntu recognises it but the 2.6 kernel doesn’t. This means either relocating the router/sharing the internet connection from my fedora laptop or working out a way of installing the driver – ndiswrapper or something I guess,

    I mentioned I applied for a junior linux role which I got and will start in two weeks time. I want to be able to demonstrate I know some of the necessary stuff already so it would be a good idea to keep up the study. Hopefully I can learn stuff I wouldn’t normally cover on the job too to go towards the RHCSA.

    Like you it is hard to stay motivated after work. I find immediately after getting home is the time my brain is most awake. After having eaten dinner and attending to the kids it is easier to switch on youtube and get distracted.

    I’m also trying to learn perl at the same time and I bought the camel book and am working my way through that at the same time.

    Goals for the week?

    Get internet to Centos working.
    Set up four or five virtual machines (including one of the apache servers for the “install server?” mentioned in the second chapter of the Jang book
    Get familiar with kickstart config files.
    Complete half of the camel book and exercises.

    Good luck to all!


    • Wesley David

      October 31, 2012 at 9:30 am

      I see we’re both stuck on the second chapter. I could have studied last night but decided to follow a possibility with an old Dell server to use it as backup storage with FreeNAS. Yeah, I’m a bad person. Perhaps I can focus tonight…


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