Can’t Delete or Edit Resource Pools in VMware?

(Today’s post is from guest blogger, Cole Lavallee!)

I recently had an issue within vCenter where I could not edit or delete two of my resource pools. Unsure of exactly why this was happening, I decided to do some digging.

First, I had noticed that the Users group was added to these resource pools for some reason, and set to Read-Only. I can only assume that someone did this accidentally . (Or at least, I hope.) So now, I’m stuck since no users in the Administrators group can edit these pools. VMware instructs me to just “Create new pools” to solve my issue, however what am I going to do with the old pools, leave them there!?

After much Googling, and noticing a lot of people had this issue (with no resolution that I could find), this is what I was told by VMware to do. (Which, they even had to do some digging for!)

Make sure to backup your database before proceeding!

You will have to log into SQL management studio and modify the role ID as follows:

  1. Change the ROLE_ID column to a positive value:
  2. Stop the VirtualCenter Server service.
  3. Take a backup of the VirtualCenter database.
  4. In a SQL management tool, open VPX_ENTITY and record the resource_pool ID of the affected resource pool.
  5. Open the VPX_ACCESS table and locate the record with the corresponding resource_pool ID.
  6. Alter the value of the ROLE_ID column to a positive integer value (for example, 6).
  7. Commit the changes.
  8. Start the VirtualCenter Server service.

When you log back into the Virtual Center you will now be able to edit or delete those resource pools. Since I couldn’t find anyone else with a resolution, I hope that this can save someone the time and headaches that it caused me.


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