Prepare Your Best Networking Questions to Ask Alan!

I’ve been made aware that there is a video series going on over at Brocade’s community website. The series is called “Ask Alan” in which questions directed at Marketing Manager Alan Murphy have a chance at being answered with a whiteboard discourse.

So far, things are fairly high level as it appears that the discussions have been aimed at introducing basic subject matter to an audience. Take for example the video below titled “Unlocking Virtualisation and Applications”:

However, I think we can get things tacking towards a bit choppier waters and sound some darker depths. The premise of this interaction is the Twitter hashtag #AskAlan. If you have a networking question, tweet it with the hashtag #AskAlan and you’ve got a shot at having it answered.

The exact topic matter appears to be anything in the networking world. Let’s face it, it’s a campaign of Brocade’s to get interest in their products, and that’s okay insofar as it’s not ludicrously scoped to “Ask us how awesome our latest dongle-gadgets are!” It doesn’t appear to be that way, so we should be able to get some good discussions going with Brocade.

Apparently you can also submit questions for Alan to consider directly in the comments section of any of the video series’ posts. I’m going to ask my question in this blog post, but append the #AskAlan hashtag to the notification tweet that I send out when each of my posts are published. Hey, that’s still within the rules, right? =)

So I’ve thought about what questions and topics I’d like to toss Alan’s way to see if he’d graciously consider opining on it. I’ve got several big ones that are eating at me, but I’ll keep it down to just one for now. I think I know what I want to ask about…

I’ve Got a Question to #AskAlan!

Alan, what do you think of Software Defined Networking and the future of computer networks? Will we have no more custom ASIC switches and routers in 15 years? Ten years? Will we be running purely on virtualized networking constructs built purely on commodity hardware? How does SDN impact network design if at all and what is Brocade considering in this space?

Do You Have a Question to #AskAlan?

FYI to those wondering, I am in no way affiliated with Brocade. I thought this was an interesting opportunity to interact with a vendor that is opening up some lines of direct communication. If you’ve got a question for Alan, use the #AskAlan hashtag on Twitter, or if you don’t have a Twitter account you can comment on one of the blog posts associated with an Ask Alan video over at the Brocade community website. Or, depending on if Brocade responds to this post, you can launch a question directly from your blog (or you can use this blog as your platform). Comment below or email me at [email protected] and I can get your question in a blog post here and hopefully into the hands of Alan for a whiteboard discourse.


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