Calling All Argentinian SysAdmins! Come to Admin Fest 2012

Last year, Arial Jolo put together the 2011 Root Election in honor of SysAdmin Day. This year, he’s cooked up something else for SysAdmin day! It’s called AdminFest and it’s a SysAdmin day meetup at Breoghan Brew Bar  Bolivar 860, San Telmo (Buenos Aires) on Friday July 27th, 2012. (The site may present you with the Spanish language version, so I provided the “forced English” link above. Remove the fiddly bits and just leave the domain name if you want to see the Spanish version.)

According to Arial:

This year we want SysAdmin to celebrate their day in peace, to sit and relax and have somebody else doing their job. That’s why we tell them: Put somebody else on call.

Furthermore you can check them out on Twitter at @PasaLaGuardia, chat them up on Facebook, or email them at [email protected].

Oh but not so fast, my brew swilling South American SysAdmin! You’ve got to pass the gauntlet first. The gauntlet is a SysAdmin test that you’ll have to take in order to prove your belonging in the group. Don’t worry. I have every bit of confidence in you.

Two promotional videos have been made for the 2012 Admin Fest. Have a look and don’t forget to turn on the English subtitles in case your Spanish is a little out of use. Oh, and who hasn’t had to cradle a PC back to sleep?

Are you going?

If you manage to make it past the gauntlet and into Breoghan Brew Bar on Friday, July 27th, make sure to take some pictures. I’ll post the best ones here after the festivities are over. Just remember to take care of those flapping Nagios alerts before you head out of the office so you’re not nagged incessantly while you’re trying to socialize with your fellow SysAdmins.

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