Good Guy SysAdmin, Episode 1

Good SysAdmins post back with the answer


We’ve all been there. Googling around for an answer to a problem we’re having. We stumble upon a forum post that mirrors our dilemma exactly. Various remedies are suggested, and we furrow or brows in consternation because we’ve already tried what is being suggested.

And then we see it. At the very end of the thread. And it makes us cry.

“Thanks every1. It’s fixed.”

Are you kidding me? It’s not like they just forgot about the forum thread. They remembered enough to come back, log in, and submit a post. Would it kill people to simply add one sentence that gives even the slightest hint about what solved their problem? Just a simple “applied a udev patch” or “syntax error in script” would be better than “It’s fixed.”

So to all Good Guy (or Girl) SysAdmins out there, thanks for posting back with the full solution. Even more heroic are the people with the exact same problem as the original poster, and who revive the dead thread to post their solution. You are truly wonderful people. Three cheers for active community members who either participate on forums, Q/A sites or write blogs. You’re Good Guys (and Girls).

(For those not versed in the world of memes, this is based on Good Guy Greg.)

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