View All Users Who Are Currently Logged Into Your Linux Server

While working on a Linux machine, you will very likely have a “What the heck just happened and who the heck just did it?” moment. This is when you’ll want to quickly see who’s currently logged in.

Before you go any further, you should acquaint yourself with the concept of a utmp file (possibly also known as the utmpx file). A utmp file keeps track of currently logged on users and is what any command will ultimately reference to bring you the desired information.

Firstly, you can try the `users` command. However, the information garnered is pretty sparing. It’s merely a username repeated as many times as there is a login session for it. In my case, on my laptop at the very moment I write this, I see this:

[wesley@Fedora1530 ~]$ users
wesley wesley wesley wesley

Two other tools that will give you vastly more information are `w` and `who`. Running `w` on the same laptop and sesson as I did `users` above, I get this output:

wesley tty1 :0 Tue12 39:54m 1:34m 0.06s pam: gdm-password
wesley pts/1 :0.0 Tue16 1:38m 0.45s 0.44s ssh
wesley pts/3 :0.0 Tue16 1:38m 0.49s 0.47s ssh
wesley pts/5 :0.0 Tue20 0.00s 0.25s 0.03s w

That is considerably more information. The default output of `who` looks like this:

wesley   tty1         2012-02-14 12:28 (:0)
wesley   pts/1        2012-02-14 16:24 (:0.0)
wesley   pts/3        2012-02-14 16:34 (:0.0)
wesley   pts/5        2012-02-14 20:46 (:0.0)

`Who` defaults to simply showing the Name, Line, Time and Comment columns (at least my version on Fedora 14) however many other bits of information can also be added. Check the appropriate man pages.

Once you know who is logged in, whether or not you then harass them with ‘write‘ or pkill everyone who isn’t you is completely up to your discretion.

How do you like to figure out who is logged into your machine? Any pro tips?


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