The 2011 ServerFault Challenge Duck Award Ceremony

Back in January of 2011 I announced a ServerFault 10K challenge. The premise was to gain ten thousand points on ServerFault (or, alternatively, the StackExchange site of your choosing). Many joined, only a select few achieved the goal.

Prizes were awarded to those who achieved the 10,000 point goal as well as for those who reached the halfway point of 5,000 points. Ten-thousand point earners won a Buds Luxury Duck and five-thousand point earners won a Buds Mini Duck.

Some of the winners were able to submit a photo of their duckies.

Moirai must be giggling because Philip “Chopper3” Buckley-Mellor already had quite a collection of Buds ducks. This contest allowed him to add to it as well as bask in his Britishness with a fancy Royal Guard duck.

Rob Moir received a pretty polka dotted duck. It matches perfectly with his pretty, pretty pony avatar.

I’m not really sure what’s going on here, but I’m a little weirded out:

Tom O’Connor is a rock star SysAdmin who is not afraid to be a bit edgy, and thus he won a rock star duck:

Here’s to you, ServerFault winners! May the upvotes continue to pour onto your worthy contributions.

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