Are You a DBA? Would You Like to be Launched Into Space?

Disclaimer: I have and do write for various RedGate Software websites as an independent author. I have received no kickback from writing this blog post other than perhaps making David Convery smile for a fraction of a second.

RedGate Software has recently announced a promotion called “DBA in Space” in which one hard working DBA will be shot into space. Said DBA will presumably be given sufficient bodily protection for the journey as part of the deal.

The competition is in three stages. The first stage is explained by the DBA in Space website thusly:

The competition starts with our five week video quiz. All you have to do is answer the questions and complete some simple SQL tasks. Each week, new questions and tasks will be released. You can get started right away, or join in any time you like – the competition is open till 18th November.

Once you complete the SQL tasks that are presented, you then need to fill out a simple application form. After November 18th, fifteen finalists will be chosen. At that point, those fifteen finalists will need to campaign for votes. The DBA with the most votes gets to be a satellite for a day!

As with any competition, there is some fine print. Due to legal restrictions, Tennessee, Wyoming, Northern Ireland, and Quebec residents are excluded from being shot into space. The actual catapulting will not be done by anyone at RedGate (although I’m sure Robert Chipperfield would give it a go), but rather Space Adventures Ltd. For full details, please see the DBA in Space website.

If any one of my readers get picked as one of the final fifteen, let me know and I’ll plug you on the blog for some votes! I’m already hoping that Sean and Jennifer McCown try out for it. I’d like to see them fight each other for votes in the final fifteen. =)

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