ServerFault Scalability Conference Called Off

Back in August I blogged about the ServerFault Scalability Conference that was happening this October 2011. Sad to say, the conference has been called off. Check out Joel Spolsky’s post about the cancellation. In short, both DevDays and the Scalaibility Conference were called off due to lack of sign-ups.

DevDays ’09 was a $99 one-day event in ten cities. Affordable, close-by and easy to get time off for. This latest iteration was a $499 two day event in only four cities. All the things you loved, with none of the things you loved. Okay, perhaps that’s overstating things a bit, but it was a bit harder to get time off to go to something like that.

Here’s Joel’s quick FAQ, but make sure to read the full blog post for details:

Q: I registered anyway. Will I get a refund?

A: Yes, this will happen automatically. If you have any trouble or questions email Alex & Alison at [email protected] for help.

Q: What about the ServerFault Scalability Conference?

A: That has been canceled, also.

Q: What about the hackathon in Washington, DC?
A: We’ll let you know. We are still planning to hold the Stack Exchange company meeting in Washington, so we will try to organize some public event at the same time.

Q: Why don’t you just scale back to $99, one-day conferences?

A: Unfortunately, the four conferences we planned this year were going to be held at much larger venues and would have cost way too much to put on, so we can’t just trim them back to one day, $99 events.

Q: What are you going to do in the future?

A: We want to work on a much larger number of much smaller events in far more cities, such as meet-ups and individual talks sponsored by Stack Overflow.

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