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An Introduction to Talentopoly

In case you haven’t heard of it, there is a new community dedicated to the IT trifecta: Developers, Administrators and Designers. If you don’t think designers are within the realm of IT, then you probably don’t work much with the interwebs. The community is and it has a few key points:

  • Share content with others by posting interesting links.
  • Ask burning questions about whatever IT topic is on your mind.
  • Get noticed by others by posting your resume.

The general goal of involvement at Talentopoly is to mingle and learn. It has a rather cozy atmosphere and membership is invite only as of this post. Incidentally, if you want an invite just send me your email address via my contact form.

The Talentopoly Podcast

Just recently Jared Brown, the founder of Talentopoly, along with Developer / Designer Super Hero Brandon Corbin and Designer par excellence Stephen Dixon, have started the Talentopoly Podcast. In Jared’s own words:

I’ve teamed up with @BrandonCorbin (developer & designer – wearer of many hats) and @StephenMDixon (designer extraordinaire). The three of us will be recording a 30 – 60 minute weekly podcast. We’ll be discussing some of the best programming, design, and IT related links posted on every week.

The show is all about having fun while talking tech so we’ll be drinking a few beers, wine, or whatever other refreshing beverages we can find.

As of this post, there have been two podcasts produced, but iTunes hasn’t published it yet. They’re working on that. Here’s what was talked about in the first two episodes:

Episode 1 – Adobe Loves to Bankrupt Us All

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