Announcing a New SysAdmin Tool Repository

How many of us have toiled away on a home-brewed script to solve some seemingly esoteric problem? Or perhaps it’s a completely mundane and repetitive task that we’re automating. After pounding out line after line you are left with one of two thoughts (or both, as is my case):

  1. Surely someone has had this problem and scripted the solution before me! I wish I had their script.
  2. Surely someone after me will wish they had the script that I’ve just now created. I wish I could distribute it easily.

For example, some of my most recent scripting projects include designing a RoboCopy log file parser (not quite like anything I’ve seen from anyone else so far), a script that runs as a scheduled task / cron job to make recurring SpiceWorks tasks, as well as a completely automated WordPress deployment script. The best I can do to share them is to blog about them and hope that there are good enough keywords in the post to make the script return when someone makes an educated search engine query. Until now.

George Beech, ServerFault Valued Associate #00002, has created a project on github called SysAdminTools. You can read more about the project at his blog Broken Haze. Here’s an excerpt from his announcement:

So in the spirit of sysadmin day, I’m announcing a new open source project that I’ve put up on github today. I’m calling the project “SysAdminTools” my vision is that it is a place where we can put all of those tools that we create out there and help our fellow admins by stopping the constant re-inventing of the wheel at all of the different places out there.

If you sign up to GitHub you can start contributing to the growing list of SysAdmin scripts. All scripts in the repository are released under the Apache 2.0 license (I was hoping for the two or three-clause BSD license, but alas =) ).

I look forward to seeing what the SysAdminTools GitHub Project turns into. I finally have a place where I can place utility scripts that seem like they should have a larger audience than just me. Heck, even scripts that seem to only have usefulness to one person or organization will probably be more useful to others than what the author realizes. Join up and bless the community with your finest (or not so fine) scripts. Don’t worry, we’ll all pitch in to make them better.

Please, share this project with as many people as you can. Together I’m sure we can make this project take off and hopefully save some serious man-hours of collective script writing.

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