MegaPath Tech Talk Contest – Want to Win $10,000?

Happy SysAdmin Day! This week’s blog posts have been full of SysAdmin Day contests, so I’ll round out the week with one final contest. Except, this is slightly different. First, it’s not a SysAdmin Day contest. Second, it has a huge payout. Ten thousand dollars, to be exact.

MegaPath, a privately owned data services provider, is hosting a “Tech Talk Video Contest” that has a $30,000 USD prize purse. The contest is a video based one, with some other opportunities to win a few hundred dollars in prizes along the way.

From the contest website:

For Filmmakers—Create a video, up to 60 seconds long, that somehow features techies using obscure high-tech jargon to discuss the finer points of communications technology.


Your video could be about techies arguing different points, trying to convince a boss about an obscure point, or it could just be techies waxing poetic about their high-tech muses.

There is a lot of room for humor in this one, but the tech talk needs to come through loud and clear. It may help to use graphics or text to spell out more complex terms. Check the jargon dictionary to perfect your usage.

The contest started on June 10, 2011 and the last day to upload a video is August 12, 2011. The winners will be announced on August 26, 2011. The grand prize for the winning video is $10,000USD with stair-stepped cash prizes for second, third and all the way down to 12th place.

Want to see what kind of videos are being submitted? Check out the competition at the videos page. Like, for example, this really, really campy (really campy) music video geek-rap called “I’m IT.”

If you don’t have any videographer skills (or can’t find someone to humiliate in front of a camera), you can still win some dollars. Check out the “Awards Page” to see the different prizes that are available. For example, you can be entered to win $500 for simply sharing the links (the sharing contest closes on August 26, 2011).

Admittedly, the myriad ways one can win a prize is bewildering and I don’t quite get it all. Check out the “Competition Details” page for full details and maybe you can find other ways to enter for some prizes.

Take a look at the contest and see if you’ve got what it takes to enter. If you make a video, make sure to let me know and I’ll link to it. Happy SysAdmin Day! Now go brush off your Flip camera and start shooting some video!

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