Another SysAdmin Day Event: The 2011 Root Election

(Yet another SysAdmin Day event is taking place! This time it’s the 2011 Root Election. The following post is by SysAdmin Ariel Jolo, one of the event’s creators. Some of the event’s promotional materials [e.g. their YouTube videos] are in Spanish, but it’s about time you dusted off your language skills anyway! Ariel says that YouTube subtitles are available for those of us who are challenged when it comes to Spanish to English translation.

Take it away, Ariel…)

The 2011 Root Elections

SysAdmin Day 2011 is coming and we must choose who is going to be the next Root by getting involved at the Root Election website. You have your choice of two candidates that represent two different parties, TCP and UDP. Let’s examine, in no particular order, the candidate for the TCP party:

TCP Party

Enrique Ernel is the candidate for the TCP (Technologist Conservative Party), whose bases have been professed by admins since the beginning of time. TCP is a traditional party whose proposals include:

  • Good administration starts at the datacenter
  • Use of physical servers
  • Virtualization is a lie
  • Hand-compilation and optimization
  • Say NO to GUIs

Here’s the TCP candidate’s promotional video (Spanish language, subtitles are not turned on in this embedding):

UDP Party

On the other hand, Juan Manuel “Juanma” Cadres, the candidate for the UDP (Users Democratic Party) promotes the use of new technologies like Cloud computing. UDP represents a new wave of administration practices that broke from the “old administration” by offering a practical approach to administration problems. In their own words, their tenets include:

  • Not worrying about the physical infrastructure
  • Say YES to virtualization
  • Use pre-packed software
  • If a server goes down it can be easily replaced

Here’s the UDP candidate’s promotional video (Again, Spanish language and subtitles are not turned on in this embedding):

The Root Election Website

You can visit the Root Election website to see the proposals of both parties as well as add your own. [Editor’s Note: For example, one of my proposals was that no SysAdmins should be allowed to make changes to anything on a Friday. – Wesley] If you join one of the parties you will have a small test on your knowledge concerning your preferred platform. Linux, BSD, Solaris, Windows, Storage, Database and more can be tested on. You can put yourself to the test and see if you too could be root.

[Editor’s Note: I joined the UDP party and took the Windows admin trivia test! I got 3 out of 4 questions right, but I’m demanding a recount. -Wesley]

Root election Videos

Both parties have some videos on YouTube (subtitles must be enabled if you’re a bit rusty on your Castilian) explaining their policy. I encourage you to see them by checking out the YouTube channel at:


First, the 2011 Root Election campaign was created by the digital advertising agency “Coso“, so if you liked it, send them a note at [email protected]! =)

Here is the complete listing of all of the 2011 Root Election links. Use whatever social network you prefer and send us your greetings.

Website: / (Original Spanish language site: http:/ – Also note that the English website might be a bit rough in its translation. Email Ariel at [email protected] if you’d like to pitch in and smooth out some of the English.)


YouTube channel:

Facebook page:

E-mail address: All thanks, marriage proposals, flames, encouragements and complaints should be directed to [email protected]


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