Top Ten Reasons Why I Succumbed to Twitter

I have a Twitter account. It’s right here. I was supremely skeptical of Twitter for quite a while. In fact, the only reason I signed up was because I had trouble with a game I bought and the only way that I could get in touch with the developer was through his Twitter account. He was not active on the official forum for the game nor did he respond to either of the email addresses that I had for him. Sadly, that was not the only time that I could not contact a developer except through Twitter.

I recall those days two years ago when I was attempting to understand the concepts of mentioning, direct messages and re-tweets. Now, 2,400 tweets later, I understand it well enough to be helping others use it, including one of my clients (a non profit that uses it to drive traffic to their blog). Here are the top ten reasons why I succumbed to joining Twitter:

  1. My narcicism is inconceivable.
  2. I want you to tweet “I do not think it means, what you think it means” at me after reading the first point.
  3. I am a freebie-hound and retweets are cheap ways to enter giveaways.
  4. I must be popular because all these girls I don’t know follow me and give me secret passwords to their sites!
  5. I’m making it at least a little more likely that Lisa Nova will make a video about me. (see point 1)
  6. I want to make up for being voted “most likely to not be voted most likely for anything in the high school yearbook because we thought you dropped out or got hit by a train at least two years ago”
  7. I’ve always wanted minions.
  8. I get to follow famous people without having any more restraining orders filed against me.
  9. My concentration was getting too honed so I needed to break it into less efficient pieces.
  10. Oh yeah, and I actually found useful people to follow as pertains to my profession such as
    • @StandAloneSA
    • @obfuscurity
    • @j_angliss
    • @Philiph
    • @voretaq7
    • @AFreshOne
    • @ClonedMilkmen
    • @JReypo
    • @Magurski
    • @rootwyrn
    • And many, many more. I hope to someday put together a Twitter list of the best tech tweeps that I follow, and by no means are the ones I listed above the my only favorites.

Who are some of your favorite Twitter users in the technology realm? List them in the comments below, and yes you can self-promote your own account if you feel like it. =)


  1. Phil Hollenback

    April 15, 2011 at 11:53 pm

    Aww, thanks for the shoutout. Funny, I think I follow about exactly the same list of sysadmins as you do. Not really too many of us on twitter when you think about it…


    • Wesley David

      April 16, 2011 at 8:28 pm

      I started making a SysAdmin list on Twitter but got very lax about maintaining it. I also follow a lot of developers which greatly expands the amount of people out there.


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