You Think Your Workplace is a Warzone? Can a Bad Day Blow Your Legs Off?

Several years ago I stumbled upon an video that had a significant impact on my career. I have no idea how I found it and I’ve never seen anyone else reference it. The video is from a presentation given by Sergeant David Coughanour about how he ran an ISP in the Sunni Triangle with no pre-existing infrastructure to work with.

David was tasked with creating a troop-run ISP called a “HajjiNet”. The troops themselves pay a monthly fee and with that money a satellite based ISP was created. Everything used in the management of the network from NAS devices, proxies, firewalls, network sniffers, etc. had to be very “creatively” acquired and implemented. As David said, “To get this running, a lot of things fell off the back of a truck.”

The original talk can be downloaded in AVI format at Notacon’s 2006 archive page. You can also get an MP3 of the talk. Sadly, I haven’t been able to find the video embedded anywhere online to make it simpler to share it. It used to be hosted on David Coughanour’s PantherNET website, however that domain went down over a year ago. Fortunately, Notacon releases their media on a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license. As a result I took the video that I got from David’s website a few years ago and uploaded it to Vimeo for all to see.

I highly recommend this video, especially to those starting out or interested in becoming a SysAdmin. It shows how creative a SysAdmin has to be with their resources to solve problems. Take a look and enjoy!

Hajjinets – Running an ISP in a Warzone (Notacon 2006) from Wesley David on Vimeo.

Please spread this video around. I’d love to get this video out to more people especially up-and-coming SysAdmins.

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