Stuff IT People Like: Working from Home

Buy a sysadmin the most comfortable desk chair in the world with a remote control and magic fingers in it, but it still can’t compete. Purchase a replica Star Ship Enterprise captain’s chair for your head software developer and it won’t quite capture the highest place in his heart. Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like ::1. We want to work from home. Besides, wherever you bought that captains chair replica, it will never compare in authenticity to the one that your chief software dev already built for himself the last time he took two weeks of vacation.

The primary motivating factor for working from home is because of one of the things IT people love to hate. Namely, you. Yes, you Mr. “QA needs that report we never told you to develop last week but will insist that we did,” as well as you Mrs. “I need you to be in on this production automation meeting to gather some specs for the new application we’ll demand that you build using disparate specifications conjured up by four committees who’s last accomplishment was designing the Ford Edsel.”

We just want to work in peace. We like to work and want to accomplish things. Working from home once in a while helps us do just that. Of course, not all working environments allow working from home. In one environment that I’m familiar with, it would have been perfectly fine for IT staffers to work from home… but the executives knew that the engineers would want to work from home too. Said engineers could not be trusted to refrain from playing Everquest all day, so to keep peace and prevent a finger pointing conflagration, the entire company had a no-work-from-home policy. Thanks engineers! One more reason why I randomly redirect your http requests to

Of course IT workers never abuse their time at home. We choose Halo over Everquest every time. No really, concentration is a precious thing and its hard to give the proper amount of concentration to such important things like tracking down replication issues on our SAN or implementing a fail-over system for the major database servers. They’re ticklish projects that, if done well, can save the company untold dollar amounts or even prevent a complete closure in the case of a disaster. Simply put: the projects won’t get done right if we’re getting stopped every 15 minutes with relatively inane requests. Give us at least one day a week to work from home (more if there’s a major project being worked on) and you’ll never regret it.

Although, it has to be said, we’re not too good to gloat about our flexible work conditions to those that slave in less generous work environments. “Hello Marcel, Pardon me if I giggle… it always tickles a little while my wife massages my feet on the deck sitting next to my pool sipping on lemonade. What are YOU doing right now in the cold, cold server room in front of a KVM console with an OCD boss watching you through the security cameras? Tee hee!”

In parting, let me speak to the fearless leaders of our places of employment. Dear execu-manage-leader-member-tators: Let us work from home. It benefits everyone involved, most of all our Halo team member… I mean, most of all you. Let the engineers gripe and fume. That hurts no one. No rly. If you allow us to work in the comfort of our own home offices, maybe… just maybe… the engineers will never again have to choose between the cuteness of FudgeBits versus Commodore cuddle Pants. Dare to dream!


  1. Fernando Correia

    October 30, 2010 at 4:30 am

    That’s very funny! Yes, working from home is a dream latent in many an IT guy’s head… Maybe if your boss can put a security camera in your home? 😀


    • Wesley.Nonapeptide

      October 30, 2010 at 12:26 pm

      Unfortunately, there are quite a few bosses who would love to have security cameras tracking their remote employees. As it is quite a few require the installation of remote monitoring software on their worker’s PCs.

      Fortunately, now that I’m starting my own business, *I’m* the boss and as such don’t have to worry about that. =)


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