Introducing: Stuff IT People Like

Since “good artists copy and great artists steal” then I’m destined for a couple of pyramids built in my honor. Why? Because I’m going to totally rip off the likes of such blogs as “Stuff White People Like” and “Stuff Christians Like” with my own twisted take on things. Behold, “Stuff IT People Like”.

Over the next several Fridays I’ll be releasing a few of the bizarre rantings that I’ve scribbled down concerning us IT folks and our idiosyncrasies. They are full of gross generalizations, oversimplifications, regionalisms and total insanity. In other words it’s just like reading an SAP marketing brochure only hopefully involving fewer migraines and no homicidal urges.

I’m sure you will agree with me, disagree with me, laugh a little, cry a little and flame me a lot in the comments because of how wrong I am… because we all know how IT people like to be right (yes, that’s probably going to be an upcoming post).

These “Stuff IT People Like” (SITPL) posts tend to focus on the administrator / help desk / operations manager role. I am not delving too deeply into developer humor because, well, my experience with development involves a summer using Metrowerks CodeWarrior on  Mac OS 7.6. If anyone wants to contribute developer posts let me know. I certainly include developers under the larger heading of “IT People” and I know developers like stuff just as much as SysAdmins and help deskers. Of course, it would be even more awesome if someone decided to rip me off and start a “Stuff Developers Like” blog.

Stuff IT People Like. The SysAdmin blogosphere might never be the same… even though it probably will be.

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