Freebie Mondays! Making Mondays Less Painful One Freebie at a Time

In an effort to make Mondays less painful than they inherently are, I have a freebie to give out. Up for grabs is one Transcender registration code which is redeemable for a free downloadable Transcender practice exam of your choice.

How many and what kind of hoops must be jumped through in order to win? Only two of them and they’re both easy. First, in reference to this older post of mine, I’d like to see a screenshot showing the longest continuous uptime of any server or appliance that you are responsible for. Second, I’d like to hear a good explanation of why it hasn’t been rebooted. Are you scared to? Does it genuinely not need it? Are you contractually banned from rebooting it?

To be eligible to win, you must be willing to have your story and screenshot published on my blog as part of the winner announcement post. As such, blur out whatever information in the screenshot you’d rather not have made public. The winner will be chosen based purely on the longest uptime, however an explanation, however sorry, must be included for it to be eligible. I want your best excuses!

Please send your entries, including pictures, to me at [email protected] (Yes, I know I just put my email address on a public site; GMail takes care if it thankyouverymuch). I will be accepting entries Until 11:59PM -5PST Wednesday the 8th of 2010. I will announce the winner during the day of Thursday the 9th 2010 barring the usual hell, high water or large-scale network outage.

Thinking about the eligibility requirements, I can completely understand if you don’t enter just because you don’t want to make yourself known in public. I’d be embarrassed too if I had a Banyan VINES box still running after 16 years.

P.S. Yes, I realize that by doing this I’m rewarding behavior that might be bad. Bite me. It was the best idea I could come up with to give something away. =)

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