Speed Reading; Week 6 Finished!

This week saw a regression and an epiphany. The regression was that I lost some of my ability to focus on the text at higher speeds and had to step back to lesson 9. I also missed several lesson times. The epiphany was that fatigue and burnout changethings.

While trying to work two jobs, start my own business, deal with insurance issues as well as general housekeeping (did you know that cockroaches in Arizona can reach sizes so big they’re protected under the Fourth Amendment?) I forgot that the body has a tendency to need rest. Not just the body, but the mind. My brain has achieved escape velocity and left a note scribbled in cerebrospinal fluid raving about Maggie’s farm and that this is bat country.

I hope it comes back sometime before I have to talk to take a support call. Then again, that might be amusing enough to be worth it.

  • Monday:
    • Morning: Lesson 10
    • Evening: Missed
  • Tuesday:
    • Morning:  Lesson 10
    • Evening:  Lesson 9
  • Wednesday:
    • Morning:  Lesson 9
    • Evening:  Lesson 9
  • Thursday:
    • Morning:  Lesson 9
    • Evening:
  • Friday / Saturday: FAIL

I think I’ll take extra care to factor in fatigue, start back at lesson 7 or 8 and gradually regain and hopefully surpass what I had previously attained.

Instead of posting mostly unedifying laundry lists of my weekly speed reading process, I’ll suspend regular updates in favor of occasional check-ins. I’ll try to research speed reading a little more and post some critical and supporting arguments for it.

Does anyone else have experience and opinions concerning speed reading that they’d be willing to share?

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