Speed Reading; Week 5 Finished!

I was going good this week, hitting lesson 10 which is the last lesson in the first part of this Speed Reading system I’m using. However, I lost steam on Saturday. Not much to give as an excuse. I just gave up that day.

  • Monday:
    • Morning: Lesson 8
    • Evening: Lesson 8
  • Tuesday:
    • Morning: Lesson 9
    • Evening: Lesson 9
  • Wednesday:
    • Morning: Lesson 9
    • Evening: Lesson 9
  • Thursday:
    • Morning: Lesson 10
    • Evening: Missed
  • Friday:
    • Morning: Lesson 10
    • Evening: Lesson 10
  • Saturday:
    • Morning: Missed
    • Evening: Missed

I’m struggling with developing new habits in my vision as I read. It’s mostly coming together, but I’m in an awkward stage where I understand the change that needs to be made, but get tired of consciously having to implement it. That merely takes time to develop the habits.

I took a speed reading test on the web and was clocked at 377 WPM. I was taking my time and I was also tired. I’m not focusing on a number very much. Only on results. I’ll stick to lesson 10 for a few more days before moving on.

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