Speed Reading; Week 4 Finished!

The first full month of my attempt at staying faithful to my chosen speed reading curriculum is now finished. This was the most consistent week so far. I only missed one lesson. That might be overstating my success a little since some lessons were done hurried or were interrupted, but at least the habit of performing the lessons is more ingrained in me.

  • Monday:
    • Morning: Lesson 6
    • Evening: Lesson 6
  • Tuesday:
    • Morning: Lesson Lesson 7
    • Evening: Lesson Lesson 7
  • Wednesday:
    • Morning: Lesson 7
    • Evening: Lesson 7
  • Thursday:
    • Morning: Lesson 8
    • Evening: Missed
  • Friday:
    • Morning: Lesson 8
    • Evening: Lesson 8
  • Saturday:
    • Morning: Lesson 8
    • Evening: Lesson 8

I’m continuing to work against the habit of speaking words in my mind. I’m having more and more success at comprehending the text I read. The last three weeks has been focused more in reading technique and less on comprehension. Now I’m getting comprehension much better.

All of these efforts are to help focus my mind on reading, which is something of a challenge. My mind tends to wander and overanalyze what I’m reading while I’m reading it. Speeding up my reading forces me to focus on the text alone. After absorbing the material, I can then go back and mull over its contents better than I could before since I have the whole picture of the text.

Does anyone have any experience with speed reading? Have you found the scams? Found any gems?

Onward to week 5…

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