Speed Reading Week 3 Finished!

My third week of speed reading lessons wasn’t too bad.

  • Monday:
    • Morning: Lesson 4
    • Evening: Lesson 4
  • Tuesday:
    • Morning: Lesson 4
    • Evening: Lesson 4
  • Wednesday:
    • Morning: Lesson 5
    • Evening: Lesson 5
  • Thursday:
    • Morning: Lesson 5
    • Evening: Missed
  • Friday:
    • Morning: Lesson 5
    • Evening: Missed
  • Saturday:
    • Morning: Lesson 6
    • Evening: Missed

I got off to a great, consistent start! Thursday, Friday and Saturday were busy, I accept guilt that the last half of Friday and Saturday was a failure of time management. However, all in all it was a great week.

I made a major vision breakthrough. Instead of focusing my eyes on a single point in the sentence, I am now capable of focusing on the general area and taking in multiple words at a time. This is helping to break the habit of speaking the words in my mind.

My lesson bundle goes up to lesson 10. To go from Lesson 11 to 20 I’d have to purchase the second bundle. If this improvement keeps up, I might have to consider buying the second bundle.

My technique for reading is improving rapidly, but my comprehension is improving more slowly. It’s just plain fatiguing to suck that much info in. However, it is improving so that’s good. I’m still skeptical about 1000+ WPM speeds with 100% comprehension.

Anyone out there have speed reading experience? Any insights to share? Week 4, here I come…


  1. Matt

    August 1, 2012 at 12:49 pm

    I’m curious how this went for you? I’ve always considered trying it but never have taken the time to. While I’ve always been a faster reader than most, my comprehension has not always been good. Which causes me to make and miss a lot of mistakes when it comes to programming or math type things. I once had a math teacher tell me slow readers are better at math and those who are good at math are slow at reading.


    • Wesley David

      August 1, 2012 at 12:53 pm

      It went okay, and I think I saw marginal improvements in speed, however, I don’t think I stuck with it long enough before life encroached and I stopped with the disciplined use of the lessons.

      Without any scientific evidence to back my opinion up, I think the program has merit. My anecdotal evidence is that it made a few breakthroughs in my own comprehension. I think my trouble with reading is that my mind wants information very fast, but 200 WPM is just far too slow, so I get bored easily. It’s almost like the old shoe-shining problem with tape backups.

      Had I stayed with the program for months on end, I think my mind would have really taken to the new way of reading. I should get back into it…


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