40 Free USA/UK Microsoft Second Shot Vouchers Good Until June 30, 2010

Because I’ve taken at least three Microsoft exams in the last five years (probably around a dozen or more), I was recently invited to participate in the Microsoft Learning Rewards program. The program encourages the distribution of discount exam vouchers amongst the IT Professional community. I just signed up for it and generated 20 Microsoft Second Shot exam vouchers that are good in the United States and 20 that are eligible in the United Kingdom. Both sets of vouchers expire by June 30th, 2010. That means you must schedule and take both your first and second exam by June 30th, 2010.

Do you live elsewhere and would still like some Second Shot vouchers? I can generate vouchers for virtually any country on earth. Drop a comment and tell me what country you’d like codes for. Australia, anyone?

Note that these are not vouchers for free exams. You must pay the full price for a Microsoft exam, however, if you input this code in the “Voucher:” field in the Prometric sign-up process (just before you click the link to pay for the exam), you will be allowed to retake the exam one more time for free if you fail (as long as the retake is taken before June 30th, 2010).

But wait, there’s more! (I didn’t really say that, did I?) You can also use the Second Shot voucher code to get 40% off of any MeasureUp 60 Day Online Practice Test for a Microsoft product. The MeasureUp offer also expires June 30th, 2010.

Full Disclosure: I receive a “kickback” of sorts from this program. For every voucher that is redeemed, I receive 10 “points” that can then be converted into an item from the Microsoft Learning Rewards product catalog. At the moment, there are only two things available. The most valuable to me being a free exam voucher when I reach 60 points. It’s kind of a win-win situation for everyone.

Send this list to your friends, and if you want me to generate codes for more countries, just let me know! When you use one, post a comment including the code that you’ve used and I’ll cross that code off the list. Same goes for if you find a code that doesn’t work (probably because someone used it and didn’t notify me).

United States Second Shot Voucher Codes:

  • 9205DWV43G
  • 9205DWW1RC
  • 9205DWX5PF
  • 9205DWYTJL
  • 9205DWZNWG
  • 9205DX0UYD
  • 9205DX1BKD
  • 9205DX2GH8
  • 9205DX3M24
  • 9205DX4SS4
  • 9205DX5MBQ
  • 9205DX6421
  • 9205DX7SRF
  • 9205DX8TWD
  • 9205DX95JD
  • 9205DXA8UN
  • 9205DXB3J0
  • 9205DXCLBP
  • 9205DXD7WA
  • 9205DXE8SU

United Kingdom Second Shot Voucher Codes:

  • 9205DXHX7M
  • 9205DXJ2A4
  • 9205DXKPPC
  • 9205DXLJZF
  • 9205DXM5XV
  • 9205DXNCQN
  • 9205DXP8AN
  • 9205DXQK5R
  • 9205DXRD2K
  • 9205DXS9WZ
  • 9205DXTPYU
  • 9205DXUC1D
  • 9205DXV870
  • 9205DXWNPG
  • 9205DXX5M5
  • 9205DXY25X
  • 9205DXZZAQ
  • 9205DY01GE
  • 9205DY13MZ
  • 9205DY2KEU

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